Simsekler Ship Demolition began to operate in the Aliaga / Ýzmir which was the 4th largest facility of the world in 2000. With the all administrator certifications approved by the government quaranty and Aliaga Ship Demolition Association and licenses, annual average 100,000 ton scrap metals' recycling are being done with newest technology. Not only being evaluated the metal spare parts of these ships come from all over the world, but also being sold as second-hand the mechanic spare parts like engine, shaft, screw of the intact and being. Besides, every kind of accessories, electric and electronics hardware is being evaluated with the same attention.

Sheet of irons of ships were being converted to the product like blade, wiping, square and angle bracket in rolling mill. Ship recycling is a green industry undoubtedly. Because it is necessary to excavate 1,000,000 ton ores from soil for getting 200,000 ton iron.


According to BIMCO's determinations,
214 million dwt ships will be left no choice to leave as scrap in the world till 2015.